Waste wood-fired boiler houses

  • Waste wood-fired boiler houses
  • Waste wood-fired boiler houses

«Ural-Power» company produces waste wood-fired boiler houses with the heat capacity from 0,5 MW to 40 MW. Waste wood is incinerated in Ural-Power boiler units.

Modular boiler houses are solved the utilization problems of industries productions and receiving thermal energy for own needs or supply to the next consumers.

A complete set of waste wood-fired boiler house is equipped with block-modular building and all supplementary details, boilers, pumps, automation systems, air heaters, protective equipment, fuel storage, with fuel bins for waste wood, shaving wood, peat and smokestack.

The waste wood out of the wood-fuel storage (available to produce a storage on the principle of bottom-opening) is automatically fed on the conveyor into the fuel bunkers of water-heating boilers, after burning, the ash removal system automatically unloads the ash from the boilers into the ash hopper. Ural-Power boiler units (biomass boilers) allow you burn a raw waste wood: wood chips, sawdust, shavings with humidity up to 65%.

The price of boiler house depends on technical specification and heating capacity. You can receive consultation to buy Ural-Power boiler house, please, contact us by phone or use a feedback form.