Thermal oil boilers

  • Thermal oil boilers
  • Thermal oil boilers
  • Thermal oil boilers
  • Thermal oil boilers
  • Thermal oil boilers

«Ural-Power» company produces industrial oil boilers running on diathermic oil (thermal oil boilers, oil as boilers’ heating agent, hyperthermal oil as boilers’ heating agent, TFO – Thermal Fluid Oil Fired).

Key benefits of «Ural-Power» industrial diathermic oil boilers:

  • High temperature of heating agent from +300 ℃ (mineral diathermic oil) to +410 ℃ (synthetic diathermic oil) with pressure no more than 10bar;
  • Low values of heat losses due to design features (an optimum configuration) of heavy wall thickness seamless pipes made of high-quality steel;
  • Long-term process of technical system operation, no risk of corrosion and scale on internal surfaces of the boiler and pipes;
  • High efficiency due to using of high density diathermic oil as a heating agent and diathermic oil’s heater;
  • Long-term process of heat transfer due to using of high density heating agent and its ability of heat generation for a long period of time;
  • Low level of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere (the whole technological cycle is closed);
  • No required a pre-changing of chemical composition of thermal oil (for example as compared to water for generation of steam);
  • Ease to install;
  • Low power consumption for system start at low temperature due to using of modern diathermic oils with low viscosity and low freezing temperature;
  • No any negative impact on the environment, toxicity, biodegradability, harm to the environment and human (closed technological cycle).

Complete set of «Ural-Power» industrial diathermic oil-fired boiler includes: gas-fired, diesel-fired or combined burner, oil expansion tank, electric pump for oil circulation, inlet and outlet pipeline of thermal extension compensators, boiler vent valve, inlet oil pressure gage, outlet oil pressure gage, digital thermometer for inlet and outlet, safety differential pressure switch, quick release safety valves, oil circulation block (shut-off valves, drain valve, connection pipelines), electrical control box.

High oil temperature and low oil pressure indicators are provided as well. A siren will notify on danger in case of breakdown or incorrect operation of the thermal equipment.

Supplemental equipment of «Ural-Power» diathermic oil-fired boiler includes: electric pump for oil circulation (standby), oil filter (made of steel), working and safety thermostats of burner on outlet oil line from the boiler and switch-off pumps’ thermostats on inlet oil line to the boiler, storage tank for fresh diathermic oil, storage tank for used diathermic oil and drainage, smokestack.

Recommended usage of «Ural-Power» industrial steam-boilers:

  1. Diathermic oil boilers are used in the process of steam generation: indirect heating of liquid in the steam-generator and steam-boiler systems.
  2. Diathermic oil boilers for thermal-oil boiler houses: are used in the boiler-houses for organizing the process of heating and technological purposes (also in extreme north conditions even in case of using the heating agents that freeze at low-temperature).
  3. Diathermic oil boilers are used in the production of petrochemicals: heating and dehydration of crude oil or heavy fractions of oil-products (fuel oil, bitumen) for discharge or further transportation; at the asphalt plants (heating of bitumen for supply to the processing units).
  4. Diathermic oil boilers are used in the production of chemical: for catalyzing of chemical reactions, production of a man-made fiber, heating of liquids; in tunnel furnaces at plastic production; in production of paints and varnishes.
  5. Diathermic oil boilers for villages, schools, residential houses: for organizing the process of heating industrial occupancy and accommodation spaces, technological purposes (indirect heating of any other agents (gas or liquids).
  6. Diathermic oil boilers are used in the food industry: breweries and beer factories (production of packaged «live» beer), and distilleries.
  7. Diathermic oil boilers are used in the construction industry: for production of viscous roofing materials, gypsum production, drying of bricks, heat treatment furnaces, for heating of concrete, mixtures, etc.
  8. Diathermic oil boilers for the paper industry (machines for the production of paper, calenderer and dryer rolls), for the woodworking industry (production of paperboard, chipboard and fiberboard, wood drying, short cycle presses, wood drying units, plywood pressing) and for the furniture industry.
  9. Diathermic oil boilers are used to supply heating energy of the agent in the food industry: in bakeries to supply heating of bread machines, ovens, Teflon drying lines, fryers, tumblers, smoke chambers, melting boilers, mixers, for dryers and other technological consumers as well.
  10. Diathermic oil boilers are used to supply heating energy of the agent in the metal manufacturing industry, metal foundry: to provide a predetermined temperature of molds (hot pressing), including casting, extrusion and forging, drying and dyeing furnaces.
  11. Diathermic oil boilers are used in the industrial plant units: hot air supply (thermal oil circulates in tubes are blown over by cold air).
  12. Diathermic oil boilers are used in the medicine and pharmaceuticals industries: flow sterilization and forced air drying tunnels.
  13. Diathermic oil boilers are used in the light industry: dryers for textile plants.

The qualified experts of the company «Ural power engineering» will provide the following services for:

  • connection of the boiler;
  • providing a technical qualification review of the electrical system and boiler power cables cross-section;
  • checking a leak resistance of the fuel supply systems;
  • checking a leak resistance of the hydraulic system (using compressed air);
  • connection of air discharge and drainage pipelines to the oil storage tank;
  • stress analysis and connection of axial expansion compensators (thermal expansion compensation), the number of compensators depends on the system geometry;
  • providing a rock wool insulation for all system after starting the boiler and checking the leak resistance (all flange connections and expansion joints are uninsulated);
  • providing a soft start of the boiler (it is necessary for prevention of local overheating of the heating agent around a fire chamber);
  • full assessment of the system performance;
  • periodic system maintenance (cleaning the oil filter, cleaning the gas outlet circuit pipes; checking a leak resistance of: the fuel system, the gas outlet circuit pipes, the hydraulic circuit pipes of the system etc.);
  • removing of the burner and required repair of the boiler.

«Ural-Power» industrial diathermic oil boilers are available to buy now, you can receive free consultation from our specialists, please, contact us by phone or use a feedback form.