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  • Diesel steam-boilers
  • Diesel steam-boilers
  • Diesel steam-boilers
  • Diesel steam-boilers
  • Diesel steam-boilers
  • Diesel steam-boilers
  • Diesel steam-boilers

«Ural-Power» company produces the steam-boilers running on diesel fuel (Diesel steam-boilers), Industrial steam-boilers, Steam Boiler Units for steam production from 100 to 20 000 kg/hour.

Model Series (technical specification) «Ural-Power» diesel steam-boilers

Key benefits of «Ural-Power» diesel steam-boilers:

  • Prices are lower than foreign analogs.
  • Delivery is available from the existing range of equipment.
  • Specialists on-site visit  for installation and commissioning in Russia and the CIS countries.
  • Produce a saturated and superheated steam from 110°C to 225°C and pressure from 0.5 kgf/cm² to 25 kgf/cm² (up to 140 kgf/cm² in special version; temperature 400°C with overheating).
  • Automatic operation without constant presence of service staff.
  • Low fuel consumptiondecrease in product cost.
  • Light-sized and weight.
  • Fast steam production in 5-15 minutes after starting (depending on the type of fuel).
  • Broad range of feedwater temperatures – from 5 °C to 100°C.
  • up to 93% efficiency (depending on a type of fuel).
  • Operation without exhauster.
  • Parameter adjustment of the produced steam.
  • Commissioning of steam unit within 1 day.
  • Installation of standby feedwater pumps.
  • Blow-offs are provided by design (top, bottom, for sludge water).
  • Technical lifecycle up to 20 years subject to planned technical measures.
  • Certified in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, there is the positive expert report on Industrial safety.
  • In addition: economizer, deaerator, steam superheater, automatic blow-off, water treatment units, condensate exchange station, the spare parts kit are available in the storage facilities in Russia.
Steam boiler

Complete set of «Ural-Power» diesel steam-boiler: case of the steam-boiler (Russia), burner (Italy), safety valves (Germany), feedwater pump (Italy), air pressure switch (Denmark), shutoff valves (Italy), control panel (Russia), steam column (water level indicator, manometers, water level sensors) (Russia).

Supplementary equipment for «Ural-Power» diesel steam-boiler includes: economizer (Russia), deaerator (Russia), steam superheater (Russia), automatic blow-off (Italy), water treatment unit, condensate exchange unit, standby feedwater pump, PLC based control panel (Germany), modulated burner.

We also produce the steam-boilers running on all types of fuel:

Recommended usage of industrial steam-boilers are produced by the company:

  1. Steam-boilers for the food industry: dairy plants and milk plants, breweries and beer factories, cheese dairies, creameries (production of fats), meat-processing plants, fish factories and fish plants, canneries.
  2. Steam-boilers for agriculture: agrarian holdings, mushroom plants.
  3. Steam-boilers for production of building materials: Concrete goods plants and concrete plants, bituminous plants, asphalt plants.
  4. Steam-boilers for woodworking, pulp and paper industry: woodworking, production of cardboard and cardboard plants, cellulose plants pulp and paper mills, production of a corrugated cardboard, production of plywood and plywood plants.
  5. Steam-boilers for the oil and gas industry: washing of tanks, washing of wells, washing of the equipment.
  6. Steam boilers for light industry: garment factories and sewing shops, cotton-mills and, textile plants, skinneries.

The most widespread for the listed spheres is industrial gas steam-boiler and diesel steam-boiler.

The steam-boilers are classified by the execution type:

  • Industrial steam-boilers — are produced the saturated vapor for process requirements.
  • Power steam-boilers are produced the superheated steam that is usually used to power the turbines that generate the electric power. The steam power boilers used for TPS and CHP in conjunction with turbo-generators are called a turbine generating unit.

Our company produces steam-boiler units for modular steam-boiler houses, as well as mobile relocatable steam-boiler units. Own-produced steam-boilers or foreign counterpart can be installed inside of modular steam-boiler houses optionally.

The diesel steam-generator is available to buy from the existing range of equipment or you can place an order for production with individual parameters. The prices of industrial steam-generators can be different and depend on technical characteristics, complete set and service equipment.

You can receive free consultation and get express estimations from our specialists, please, contact us by phone or use a feedback form.