Cyclones (Grit Arrestors)

  • Cyclones (Grit Arrestors)

A grit arrestor is a horizontal cyclone designed for dry inertial purification of gases from fly ash with a maximum temperature 290°C.

The grit arrestor is made in NF (УХЛ) climatic performance with the category of placement 3 according to GOST 15150-69 and is intended for operation indoors and outdoors under a shelter at ambient temperature from — 60°C to + 40°C.

The grit arrestor is a frame with curved walls, connected to the source of flue gas emission by a rectangular flange on the inlet and a round hole on the side wall for the removal of purified gas. Connections must be gas-tight with the obligatory sealing of asbestos cardboard or rope. The grit arrestor is based on the frame made of the L-bars. There is a bunker with a gate at the bottom of the frame.

The grit arrestor is a type of horizontal cyclone located on the central axis of to-be-cleaned gas flow. Smoke gas flows into the inlet and moves between the chassis wall. Under the action of centrifugal force and weight force ash solids allocated out of the cleaned gas stream then accumulate in the bunker. The ash from the hopper is removed through the gate.

Purified gas is discharged from the grit arrestor into the hopper through the outlet.

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