Solid fuel heating boilers

  • Solid fuel heating boilers
  • Solid fuel heating boilers
  • Solid fuel heating boilers

«Ural-Power» company produces heating boilers running on solid fuel (Solid fuel heating boilers) with capacity from 0,1MW to 15 MW. «Ural-Power» heating boilers are manufactured according to Model Series.

The water-heating boilers (industrial boilers) are produced with manual and automated fuel supply systems.

  • coal-fired boilers;
  • wood-fired boilers;
  • pellets-fired boilers;
  • wood briquette-fired boilers;
  • husk-fired boilers;
  • wastewood-fired boilers;
  • sawdust-fired boilers;
  • shaving-fired boilers;
  • peat-fired boilers.

High efficiency industrial boilers have a number of benefits than analogs:

  • heating boilers’ efficiency is no less 85% due to the efficient design of the boiler and furnace;
  • solid fuel boilers have a large volume of the combustion chamber to reduce the frequency of loading in manual mode;
  • high speed of flue gases and heat agent of the heating boilers;
  • water treatment system isn’t required for high capacity industrial boilers;
  • industrial boilers are light-sized, the optimal ratio of weight and capacity for installation in modular boiler houses;
  • serviceability, easy maintenance and surfaces cleaning of the heating boilers;
  • heating boilers do not require the construction of a special foundation;
  • high efficiency industrial boilers are completely «ready-to-operate», a lightweight thermal insulation provide you reducing of works and costs during installation;
  • heating boilers equipped with the furnace made of refractory bricks and air heaters, can burn in a fuel humidity up to 65%;
  • boilers’ endorsed lifecycle no less than 12 years;
  • certified in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries;
  • automatic grit arrestors with auger-type device, into the hopper or dump;
  • automatic fuel supply from the fuel hopper to the boiler furnace.

«Ural-power» heating boilers are available to buy now or you can place an order for the boiler optionally manufactured according to your requirements.

The price of the industrial boiler depends on nominal heat power and equipment’s complete set of the boiler.

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