• Deaerators

Vacuum deaerator is a device that removes oxygen from a heating agent (feedwater) of heating systems, by steam heating methods.

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Vacuum deaerator

The deaerator is basically a unit equipped with systems of oxygen removing and feedwater supply. The deaerators are applied for the following main arias:

  • In heat tracing circuit and cooling;
  • In the units that need to be protected against faults caused by dissolved or free gases.

The vacuum deaerators are packaged systems of the feedwater treatment. Its applying is reasonable and based on that dissolved oxygen in feedwater will cause serious corrosion damage in a boiler by attaching to the walls of equipment and forming oxides (rust). Dissolved carbon dioxide combines with water to form carbonic acid as well as other gas components, that causes further corrosion. The deaerators remove oxygen mixtures from a feedwater.

Deaerating relies on the principle that the active influence on the water in vacuum conditions. Air and gas impurities in the water are small air bubbles that can be microscopic or several millimeters in diameter. If it creates a vacuum — rapid depressurization, the bubbles burst, the water composition will become homogeneous. The water enters into hydraulic reservoir from registers or water lines, it is delayed for temporary settling and calming of possible mechanical vibration inside of hydraulic reservoir. Then, water is being imported into the vacuum tank where the airless space (vacuum) effects on it.

Industrial deaerators perform a treatment function as well as heating. The same deaerating unit can be used for heating and treatment of the feedwater and make up water.

Deaerator provides:

  • Protection from a direct air intake by monitoring of pressure maintenance with automatic air feeding;
  • No circulation problems caused by free bubbles in recycled water;
  • Reduction of corrosion damage by removing oxygen from the feedwater and make up water.

Such equipment as deaerators are used in heavy industry, where there is a need for a large amount of water. Make-up water of heating facilities, water in the path of chemical water treatment. Since the deaerator is designed for degassing of the work-agent, it is used in combination with steel heating equipment. Most often deaerators are used in heating and hot water supply systems. Boiler-houses with water-heating boilers are usually equipped with the vacuum type units. Also in such schemes can be used atmosphere-pressure deaerators. Low and high pressure units are used at most of the systems that operate due to the steam generation of the boiler. High pressure units are used in the heating schemes with the boilers that supply large amounts of steam.

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