Fuel oil steam-generator UPD-400

Steam Capacity400 kg / hour
Steam Temperature110°C - 225°C
Steam Pressure0,5 - 25 kgf/cm² (special design: up to 140 kgf/cm²)
Fuel fuel oil
Gas consumption30-35 m³/hour
Electric power consumption1 kW/hour
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm1300x1600x1800
Net weight1200 Kg
Technical lifecycle more than 10 years

Complete set of fuel oil steam-generator includes

  • case of the steam-generator (Russia)
  • burner (Italy)
  • safety valves (Germany)
  • feedwater pump (Italy)
  • air pressure switch (Denmark)
  • shutoff valves (Italy)
  • control panel (Russia)
  • steam column (water level indicator, manometers, water level sensors) (Russia)
The data on the configuration are informative and may be changed by agreement with the customer

Supplementary equipment for «Ural-Power» fuel oil steam-generator includes