Water-heating boiler gas-fired RSP-100

Heat power 99 kW
Water temperature regulation range +60..+95 °C
Max. heating agent pressure 3,5 MPa
Fuel gas/td>
Fuel consumption min. 0,05 m³/hour, max. 0,08 m³/hour
Boiler water volume 17 L
Weight, no more 152 kg


New generation of RSP boiler equipped with "PREMIX" system burners.

The "PREMIX" system allows to provide better unmixed combustion process and decrease the level of CO and NOx contents in products of combustion, due to appropriate organized processes of the preliminary treatment and combustion of fuel-air mixture.

Heat power kW 99
Heating area 10
Inlet gas pressure, nominal mwc 250
Fuel consumption:
       -minimal m³/hour 2,8
       -maximum m³/hour 11,5
Water temperature regulation range: С° +60..+95
Boiler water volume L 17
Max. heating agent pressure MPa 0,6
Heat-transfer agent consumption, nominal m³/hour 3,5
Flow resistance MPa 0,05
Furnace volume 0,08
Exit gas temperature С° 110
Excess air factor 1,4
Power consumption W 280
Efficiency, no less % 94
Weight, no more kg